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Guesthouse on Girod recommends the following restaurants located in the immediate Old Mandeville area.  They are listed based on the occasion and are all within walking distance.

Dinner - The Lakehouse, Hambone, Nuvolari's, Rips

Lunch - Hambone, Old Rail, Rusty Pelican, McClain's Pizzeria

Sunday Brunch - The Lakehouse, La Lou

Breakfast - La Lou

Desert - Blent, The Candy Bank, Reigers on the Trace

Healthy Meals - Blent, Reigers on the Trace

Kid Friendly - Hambone, The Beach House, McClains Pizzeria

Wine - Grapeful Ape

Beer - Old Rail Brewery, Barley Oak



Want to explore the history of Old Mandeville?  Check out the link below that takes you to the City of Mandeville's Historic Mandeville page.

Explore Historic Mandeville

There are so many wonderful things to do in Old Mandeville so below is a great page called  It has information on every activity you could possibly want to do while on the Northshore.  

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